Seasonal Collection

Built to celebrate Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s 45th anniversary on 23 April 2016, The Orchid, a seven-metre tall open-air orchid greenhouse was specially designed to enhance and complement the unique green environment within 15 acres of gardens in the estate. The Orchid showcases the beauty of tropical orchids that have for long been at the forefront of our nation’s proud natural heritage.

The maiden collection, known as ‘A Floral Art Piece,’ comprises 32 hybrids belonging to the more popular genera, many of them selected for their respective robustness, variations and hues. Over 600 flowering plants have been arranged to present a stunning burst of rainbow colours when viewed from any angle in the interior.
Oncidium Gower Ramsey
Vanda Jakkit Gold
Aranda Chao Praya Gold
Vanda Madame Kenny
Dendrobium Tay Swee Keng
Vanda Meda Arnold
Renanthera Kalsom
Renanthera Singaporeans
Oncidium Wildcat
Vanda Suksamran Sunlight
Vanda Udomchai
Vanda Bangkhuntian Gold
Dendrobium Serene Chang
Vanda Pakchong Blue
Vanda Pakchong Delight
Vandachostylis Pine Rivers ‘Blue’
Dendrobium Sonia
Dendrobium Caesar
Dendrobium Intuwong
Dendrobium Queen Pink
Dendrobium Queen Southeast
Dendrobium Yaya Victoria
Vanda Fuchs Delight
Vanda Robert’s Delight
Vanda Siriporn Pink
Vandachostylis Janice Allison
Vandachostylis Pine Rivers ‘Pink’
Phalaenopsis - hybrids
Dendrobium Burana White
Dendrobium (Burana Jade x Chao Praya Gem)
Dendrobium Enobi Purple
Vanda (Tubtim Velvet x Nakornsawan Belle)
Phalaenopsis - hybrids